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Featured Sponsor : Carbonite

Unlimited Online Backup. One flat price.

Available for PC and Mac 

Overview of how Carbonite works

  • 1. Install Carbonite

    Carbonite is a small program that automatically manages your backups and helps you keep track of what’s backed up.

  • 2. Back up

    Whenever you create new files or modify existing ones, the Carbonite program sends encrypted copies of those files over your high-speed Internet connection to a Carbonite data center.1

  • 3. Relax — your backup is secure

    Your backups are transmitted using secure socket layer (SSL) security technology, and they’re stored at a state-of-the-art data center on highly reliable, redundant disk arrays.

  • 4. Restore lost files easily

    When you need to get your files back, the Carbonite software walks you through an easy-to-follow process that restores your backed up files to the right place on your computer.

  • 5. Remote Access

    Not at your computer? You can get to your backed up files from any computer connected to the Internet — or even from your iPhone®, Android™ or BlackBerry® smartphone.

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